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About March 9, 2010

Welcome to My Manhattan Kitchen. I am a Food Writer and ceramic artist moving to New York from Hawaii.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. maria Says:

    yet another blog. How will ever keep up!

  2. Susan James Says:

    I have been following your MyHawaiianHome blog for several months. I was surprised to find your MyNewYorkhome blog. Can you share why you are making the move to NYC? Please forgive what must seem like a very personal question – I realize how impertinent it must seem. I feel that I know you after reading your words several times a week.

    Wherever you are and for whatever reason – I wish you well and thank you for your inspiring blogs. Hopefully you’re involved in a wonderful project and on to another adventure.

    Susan James

    • devany Says:

      Susan, I am in NY working on some projects and will be going back and forth to Hawaii. Hence, I am a woman of two islands. Back to Hawaii for now.

  3. Judy Says:

    I was going to subscribe to your blog, but was put off by having to join the Word Press an unknown entity.

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