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Lilacs, Blueberries and Blackberries April 23, 2010

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Purple is the theme…

I have flooded the apartment with lilacs… sweet smelling and beautifully colored lavender flowers that only grow in places that have a freeze.  The farmer’s markets and the street corner flower stands are loaded with them and you see many smiles on the faces of New Yorkers who are carrying bunches of them back to their apartments.  Purple is one of my favorite colors in nature. However when it comes to food, there are only a few purple foods; Poi, berries, grapes,  and plums come to mind. I love all of those and when it comes to something really fresh and tasty… that is the color I often gravitate to.

On other things purple…

For breakfast many mornings I have been enjoying FAGE yogurt with fresh blueberries, black berries and topped with my coconut-pumpkin seed granola.  The berries are difficult to find in Hawaii, but here they are abundant, even being sold at corner fruit vendors on the street.  I got mine at Whole Foods. Here is the recipe for the granola, which I made in Hawaii and sent here.  This can be made anywhere though. You can find the ingredients at any health food store.

Coconut Pepita Maple Granola

This is a healthy and delicious breakfast to eat while you take some time to smell the lilacs.


2 Responses to “Lilacs, Blueberries and Blackberries”

  1. The Lack Says:


    you blow my mind, love you, have fun and eat some stuffed clams. hurry home babe.

    The Lack

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