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A Woman of Two Islands April 17, 2010

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I have been in New York for a week and it is time to launch the new blog, My Manhattan Kitchen. I am a woman of two islands, with one foot in Hawaii and one in Greenwich Village.  I have had a lot of kitchens in my life, the last four have been the most memorable. My current Manhattan kitchen is virtually an economy of space and function. with about 5 feet of counter space a smaller than normal gas stove and a small (but not tiny) refrigerator, it also boasts a window and a large stainless steel sink. The electric grill pan has to be stored in a coat closet, I can only imagine where I will put the Kitchen Aid or the Food Processor when they get here! So far, the space works well, even with two of us in the kitchen at the same time. No dishwasher,  at least not an automated one, but Jeff is doing dishes like a champ when I cook. It does take a little shuffling around and some planning, but all in all, it works for now.

And so with the smaller space, and of course more limited storage combined with the “how much can I carry?” method of shopping, groceries are bought every day or two instead of weekly. I like that better really.  Of course Whole Foods and other stores deliver, but I have not succumbed to that yet, I can barely imagine the luxury of having the doorman ring and tell me my groceries are here! Mostly, I have been enjoying the many small shops, butchers, fromageries, salumerias, farmer’s markets and little gourmet markets.  I do plan on expanding my horizons to Aruthur Avenue,  and the boroughs  when I have days free for exploring. China town is just a brisk walk or a brief subway ride away. Curry Hill is not really that far either.

Today I went to the Abingdon Square Park farmer’s market, just two blocks away where I bought some herb plants, fresh apple cider, organic free range duck breasts & locally made chorizo. Yesterday I “hoofed it” to Union Square(Home to the famous Union Square Green Market, Whole Foods and Trader Joes) , a 20 minute walk where I picked up a swordfish steak, some cheeses, stone ground polenta and yogurt.  I also visited Chelsea Market, a great “under one roof” foodie paradise, much like the Ferry Building in San Francisco,but larger.  It was a busy food day and I returned to the apartment feeling a bit like a pack mule, but quite happy with my finds and discoveries. I will be making posts soon on these various markets. In the next few posts, I will be sharing my meals inspired by the ingredients that I find on my travels around the city. Please join me.

It is Spring in New York… glorious, beautiful and awakening. The Village is alive with the greening and blooming of trees. The parks are full of tulips and the other Dutch bulbs that say *SPRING!*


6 Responses to “A Woman of Two Islands”

  1. HawaiiFan Says:

    Where are you?! I have been looking at the Hawaii blog and did not see any updates, so I had to googlize until I found you! Looking forward to reading this new blog as well, because I just enjoy reading about everyday things such as cooking, decorating an apartment or shopping. Something very soothing about reading everyday living of people around us, or in other parts of the world.

  2. lorsSteeste Says:

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    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

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  3. Don’t you just love Manhattan! I’m looking forward to your posts and wish you all the luck!

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